Home or Car Fragrance

Home or Car Fragrance

Enjoy this highly scented car perfume with a variety of fragrances in this full size 8ml glass bottle.  This bottle can be added to a closet to eliminate odors or any small space for an extra boost of clean scents.


How to use:

1. Untighten the wooden cap from the bottle.

2. Remove the plastic stopper.

3. Tighten the wooden top back on to the bottle. 

4. Invert the bottle for 5 seconds, oils will come to the wooden top.

5. Untie strings and hang on the rearview mirror, place in a small room or a closet for an instant air freshness. 

6. Anytime you want a stronger scent throw, simply invert the bottle. ENJOY!

  • How To Use

    1. Unscrew the wooden top.

    2. Uncap and remove the plastic stopper.

    3. Screw back the wooden top.

    4. Invert bottle for 3-5 seconds. The longer you invert the bottle, the more stronger the fragrance will be.

    5. Hang the bottle on rearview mirror of car or simply place this in a room or space that needs extra fragrance.