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Welcome to Zen Auras LLC. Our shop was established to uplift your aura and create positive vibes. As a woman-owned, latina-owned business, I am committed to handcrafting and curating products made just for you. I take pride in knowing my products can create a feel good mood, bring back a memory or simply create new memories. You can feel confident in knowing that you can finally enjoy some self care and happiness - the easy, inexpensive way.

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My Story

Hi! I'm Crystal, I am the creator behind Zen Auras LLC. From label designs to custom fragrance blends, which may or may not include the help of my teenage daughter, we create everything that goes into making the product. With the exception of maybe the jar :)

My passion for fragrance and loving how uplifting a fragrance or even the sight of a soothing, crackling candle flame can be, fueled my excitement into beginning my candle business journey. This led to the birth of, Zen Auras LLC which was established in January 2020.

Because of my love for scents, I am always looking for something new and exciting to offer my customers. You can always catch me in my corner candle studio which is located in Yonkers, NY and produced from my home. I have a dedicated work area that is always in use to - create, test, make, cool, clean, label and package every single item!

Currently I do not own a store front but I would definitely love that some day. Until then you can shop with us online or follow me on Instagram and see where Zen Auras will Pop Up Shop next!

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