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  • How long will I receive my package?
    Our current processing times are 3-4 business days. We do not ship out Fridays, Saturday or Sunday. This also includes holidays. If a holiday falls on a Monday, then shipping takes place the following day. Orders are shipped out, in order in which they are receieved and processed.
  • Why is your candle flame throwing out soot (black smoke) ?
    It is completely normal for some black smoke (soot) to be released upon having a candle lit. This is a natural burning process as the wick releases the fragrance from the wax. To keep soot to a minimum, you should practice good candle care. Meaning, wicks should be trimmed each time before lighting the candle. This can be done with scissors, nail clippers, wire cutters or simply just a wick trimmer. Untrimmed wicks will cause issues with your candle producing higher amounts of soot and smoke. So please... TRIM YOUR WICKS :)
  • What ingredients are used in our products?
    All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and as sustainable as possible. This includes but is not limited to, phthalate free, paraben free and cruelty-free wax and fragrances. Our candles are made of clean burning para soy wax and our Luxe Collection is either coconut base wax or coco soy wax. All of our candles may include either a natural cotton or paper wicks, naturally sourced wooden wicks, and fragrance blends that may be made of natural and manufactured materials. Each product listing consists of the ingredients used in the description box.
  • Why choose Zen Auras?
    Our mission has always been to create sustainable, clean products that are made with a luxury feel at an affordable price. From our very first candle in late 2019, all of our products are created in small-batches, curated by hand by our founder Crystal. Most of our candles are custom fragrance blends that may be a concoction of 2 or more oil blends, selected by me.
  • Why do we use manufactured oils?
    We use fragrance (manufactured) oils because they are precisely developed for use in candles and body products. We wouldn't want to put something in your home or on your body if it wasn't safe to use. Fragrance oils also allow for more complex and exclusive scent profiles. While fragrance oils allow us to keep our prices affordable, you may find that some candles are blended with essential oils.
  • Can I add a gift note to my order?
    ABSOLUTELY! In the notes section during checkout, write what you would like your note to say and we will include a notecards with your order.
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